PokerStars has yet zoom, but has the BOOM!

The poker room pokerstars.NET has perhaps not yet quick action with tables Zoom, but it is still an interesting innovation that other rooms do not, i.e. the instant video replayer BOOM!

What is that BOOM? Boom is a replayer that allows you to instantly publish video to any of your hands. It is a good thing because as experienced forums users know, nobody is interested in reading a long history of indigestible hand. In short, nobody is going to take 5 minutes of his time simply to decrypt the hand that will be mailed to you, which will have the consequence that few people will try to help you if you had a question relating to hand.



The current version of BOOM works with Twitter and the site BOOM Replayer.

To publish hands, it's very simple. You click on the star at the end of the description of the hand in the cat (see photo that accompanies the article) and you only have to select the video publishing site.

The interesting thing with the site is that several hands will be published there by members of team PokerStars. For example, you would like to review an incredible hand played between Isildur1 and Kanu7? Go and surely as hand will be. You will also find special events such as the SCOOP hand histories.

Discuss BOOM on PokerCollectif forums: PokerStars has yet zoom, but has the BOOM!


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