PokerStars changes VIP program on 1st January

This is the announcement that was made at the VIP Club Live event: Amsterdam. You can also review this event at the following address: VIP Club Live PokerStars!

New VIP status: the ChromeStar

A new VIP status will be created and will be named ChromeStar. This status will be located between the BronzeStar (basic status) and SilverStar status. To get it, you will need to accumulate 100 VPPs during your month.

Presentation of the programme VIP 2013 at PokerStars

Status ChromeStar will give you the same privileges that BronzeStar status in addition to allow you to participate in a freeroll 1 time per week, is the VIP $5,000 Weekly Tournament. This tournament will be also offered players SilverStar and above.

Less than necessary for access to the SilverStar and GoldStar status points

To achieve the SilverStar level, you won't need that 500 VPPs, which represents a decrease of 33% standards as in the past, you needed 750 VPPs.

The number of VPPS required to achieve GoldStar status will decrease by 17% to 2500. In the past, it was necessary to earn 3000 VPPs in a month to be GoldStar.

VIP Club Hall of Fame

The VIP Club will offer a TAG Heuer watch all players having accrued VPPs 5,000,000 to life. The program will also have other benefits.

From 5 M VPPs, you become a "Hall of Fame" Member at PokerStars. They will also have other privileges as a medium by Instant chat where you can ask questions to senior member at PokerStars.

From 10 M vpps to life, you will also have a phone to reach support at any time. There are currently 1 player who has more than 10 M of VPPs and it's George Lind.

Other announcements made at the VIP Club

The tournament VIP 1 M$

Four times a year will be a tournament with 1 M$ in guaranteed purses. Players with the Supernova VIP status will have access free of charge (there will be satellites for others). The tournament will be held February 16, 2013, June 1, 2013, on August 17, 2013 and November 16, 2013.

Contest to be the 1st year Supernova and Supernova 1, Elite of the year!

A race will be held from January 1, 2013 in order to be the first person to get one of these articles. The details are not yet confirmed, but will be announced soon.

Club VIP objectives for 2013

During the month of January, 2013, you can put goals and objectives on the number of VPPS you want to collect (100 K, 200 k, 300 k, etc) and if you are in front of your calendar (in other words), you could win prizes. Yet again, the details of this promotion have not been announced. PokerCollectif will keep you informed as soon as these details are known.

What do you think of the new PokerStars VIP program? Is this better or worse than the previous version?

You can discuss on our forums: PokerStars will change its January 1 VIP program


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