"regs/fishs" segregation is completed

As of October 31, PartyPoker has decided to withdraw its tables that were used to separate the regular recreational players (often named "fishs" in the jargon). This measure had been taken in February last to protect sharks recreational players and allow them to have a better experience of game (as well as a longer life expectancy).

At this time, PartyPoker stated: "we are constantly looking for ways to balance the ecosystem of our poker room. As we have already said, we are testing different features such as to make poker more fun and entertaining, as well for the new players than for the more experienced. "Our research helped demonstrate that inexperienced players played more and longer if they started against players of the same level."

Several months later, PartyPoker withdraws its tables as a result of a long message posted on the forums of 2 + 2

According to the message: "[this decision] new players began to play more hands and sessions after their initial deposit, but between their deposits thereafter." Some players have hijacked the system of its primary vocation. Because of these abuses, this feature serves today the objective that was assigned to it."

Some regulars have managed to circumvent the rules of the system to successfully play the weakest players. Another solution must therefore be found.

Even if the tables are removed, Jeffrey Haas says that other ideas may emerge in a future close to preserve the balance of the ecosystem".

You can discuss this news on PokerCollectif forums: "regs/fishs" segregation is over


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