New system VIP at Winamax

Several changes have been made in the system of levy and system VIP at Winamax .

First, Winamax finally adopt it "No. flop No. drop". In other words, even if you won a pot of $ 500 preflop, you pay no rake because you haven't seen flop. It was a pretty popular policy in the majority of poker rooms, but not in Winamax . From 2011, it is in effect, which is especially good news almost all players (players from micro limits no will see almost ' no difference).

To compensate for its coffers, Winamax increases his rake of 1.5%. It was before 5%, it will be today from 6.5% to better understand how this will affect the rake paid, let's go with a concrete example.

In 2010, you won a pot of $ 10, $ 2 preflop and $ 8 after the flop.  So, you had paid 2% of $ 2 ($0.04) and 5% of $ 8 ($0.40) therefore, $ 0.44 rake. In 2011, the same pot will be rake of 6.5% of the total amount, therefore 6.5% $ 10 for a sum of $ 0.65 an increase of 37%. Fortunately, the site requires a maximum rake.

On less than € 0.10/0.20 tables, the maximum rake will be €1.5 regardless of the number of players.

For bounding these tables:

-Tables from the blinds € 0.10/0.20:
* 2 players at the table: sampling maximum €1,5
* 3 players at the table: sampling maximum €2
* 4 players at the table: sampling maximum €2,5
* 5 players and more: sample maximum €3

The VIP system is, due to these increases in rake, different. Points will be named "miles". users will now be able to harvest 4 miles per euro invested instead of 2.5. These miles can be redeemed for gifts as is the case in several online poker room. There are also bonuses in cash for VIP status, payable at the end of each month, according to the following Charter:

• Bronze: a bonus of 5 euros for 750 miles accumulated
• Silver: a bonus of 15 euros for 2,300 miles accumulated
• Gold: a bonus of € 25 for 4,500 miles accumulated
• Platinum: a bonus of EUR 35 for 7,500 miles accumulated
• Diamond *: a bonus of EUR 40 for 10,000 miles accumulated
• Diamond *: a bonus of EUR 60 for 18,000 accumulated miles
• Diamond *: a bonus of 100 euros for 33,000 miles accumulated
• Diamond *: a bonus of 200 euros for 73,000 miles accumulated
• Diamond *: a bonus of 300 euros for 120,000 miles accumulated

If you are wondering what is rakeback of each VIP status, here is a small table which should be of interest to you:

Chrome: 5.80%
Aluminium: 5.80%
Bronze 10.58%
Silver 12.61%
Gold 16.04%
Diamond *: 22.20%
Diamond *: 25.03%
Diamond *: 28.05%
Diamond *: 31.03%
Diamond *: 34.00%

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