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Here is our translation of a statement issued by PokerTableRatings. As you now know, PokerStars has won his battle against PTR that now can no longer publish statistics of players playing on PTR (to the delight of the good players, especially heads up players). Since that time, they decided to make some renovations/modifications to their site (it must keep its customers). Everything is not yet public, but other changes will be coming.

[Translation free PokerCollectif]: "we are proud to introduce a new option, here at PTR, which will give our players more control over their profile. The "PTR Link" (click on the following link to arrive on the page in question) will allow our members to take control of their PTR profile, by gaining access to features that you can customize, with even more features and upcoming incredible tools!



"PTR Link" is open to any Member who has an account on one of the following networks: Party Poker, OnGame, iPoker, Merge, and Cake. All you have to do is to visit your profile on the PTR page and click on "Link This profile" (you can also do it by "MyPTR" page directly).

You will get instructions to complete the process (for example, are you ordered to sit at any table NL10 with $ 5.43). Once we find you at the table, you'll be confirmed owner of this profile.

The first included feature the ability to create a short biography and add a picture (or avatar) and the power to moderate comments extras on your profile. The comments you make to your profile will appear highlighted with your avatar and you post under the same name as on the poker site where you play. This allows you to communicate with your fans of poker!

There will be many more upcoming options and we're excited of the potential that the "PTR Link" will provide our users - with other options extended as the "setting" of privacy.

We appreciate comments and feedback to these new features and you can visit our forums to discuss."

As a reminder, here is an excerpt from the press release in question on PokerStars and PTR:

"Steps recently taken by Pokerstars have led us to remove all profiles of its players in the database of PTR. The current management of PTR is in place for less than a year, but since the first day, we tried to find compromises and develop positive relationships with online poker rooms to improve the community as a whole.

We will fully comply with the formal notice of Pokerstars even if we do not at all believe being a nuisance to the community of players. Month after month, we continue to search and detect robots (bots) which strings are real nuisances for the players. We also transmit this information to all who care about the integrity of the game. Over time, our business has helped to reveal the talent of some players, become since promoted celebrities. "Finally, we brought players a public forum, on which they can show their impressive wins or losses steep and if draw so the sympathy of the greatest number".

To discuss these new features on PTR, use PokerCollectif forums: new at PokerTableRatings


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