Muchos banned Poker on the iPoker network!

Another blow for Muchos Poker then than iPoker just ban them from their network. A document prepared by a team of iPoker, explains that the network will cut ties with Muchos Poker. The document was sent to all sites that have licensed iPoker.

The document in question States: "any activity of poker with Muchos is now officially banned on the network". This means that the poker rooms shall cease to accept new Muchos Poker players.

All accounts will be banned. If funds are present in the accounts, it will be possible to withdraw in accordance with the usual procedures related to collusion fraud and audits of accounts.

This is difficult news for Muchos Poker which was recently subject to a safety investigation. Maybe the two news have a link. According to several sources, the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) have recently dealt with several complaints from Muchos Poker players.

Not so long ago, Muchos Poker was regarded as an innovative option to transfer money between the poker rooms.

Although Muchos Poker has greatly praised for its innovation, several voices of discontent were heard since his arrival. More details to come on PokerCollectif!

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