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One year of black friday, we delve more and more recent information on Full Tilt Poker. Like all members of PokerCollectif, we are waiting with great anticipation the next re-opening (let's be optimistic!) FTP. Nothing is yet sure at 100%, but in our opinion, the news is good and the re-opening is more likely than ever. Even if the poker room is not yet online, there are several encouraging signs to date.



For example, at the beginning of the month, PokerCollectif informed you that FTP hiring: PokerCollectif, Full Tilt Poker hiring.

Last Monday, on another site of poker forums, a reputed Member issued its acceptance at Pocket Kings.

According to his statements, he will begin work on April 30.

Here the email he received (translated):

Hello Antonio,.

Congratulations for your post at Pocket Kings. I am delighted to confirm that you have been accepted for the position of "Customer Service Representative".

Here are the details of your employment:

Start date: Monday 30 April

clock display: 09:00Salaire: a$€

Dress: casual

We look forward to meet you on April 30.

Sincerely, xxxxxx xxxxx

Speaking of jobs, new employment opportunities were published website related to entrepreneurship Pocket Kings. The last job posting is a "Creative Junior Graphic Designer".

Another new that looks good: last week, on the web page of FTP, when you looked at the "System Status", could read "All Systems are Currently te". As soon as we saw this information, we of course wanted us log in to the site, but unfortunately nothing worked. That is what it meant? What people are doing tests on the platform of FTP? Whatever it is and whatever it means, we can be sure that things are moving.

Further down we saw that 411 players were online. Here's the screenshot:


FTP was not returned to service, but it's still encouraging.

Other information: yesterday on the Twoplustwo forums, a post informed us that Laurent Tapie is now Director of an Irish company created on February 4. As you can see in the post, the name of this company is 'NEW FULL TILT POKER LIMITED'.

Always as of yesterday, 2 new companies were found registered in Malta. For more details, please see this post: 2 new companies in Malta on Full Tilt Poker.

The two companies are called 'FULL TILT HOLDING LTD' and 'NEW FULL TILT LTD'.

Please note in closing that, in the words of Laurent Tapie, tilt do not reinflate. Mr Tapie does not consider the french market as a viable market. If this is indeed the case, the french players who had funds to FTP can obviously be reimbursed.

PokerCollectif will keep you abreast of the latest details on FTP!

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