Highstakes in Zoom only tables?

Good or bad news according to you? Zoom Poker tables for highstakes? Obviously good news.

But if the highstakes tables became that Zoom tables? What do you think?



It is at least the idea of Steve Day, manager of PokerStars. This information comes from a weekly podcast released on Twoplustwo. His exate statement was (obviously): "in the long term [PokerStars] leans strongly toward high stakes in Zoom only poker tables [...] It is a real possibility at this time."

Before considering whether it is a good new or not (note that it is hypothetical and that no official decision has yet been taken) are talking about the advantages and disadvantages of such a decision.

Positive point: the tables have more action. Today, let's be honest, the players are quite chilly. In other words, there are many bumhunters (of players who hunt fish and who refuse too difficult parts). Rare are the players who want to play against anyone. Usually, the tables rolling when a fish attached to a table. And if no fish is sitting at a table, it is likely that the action breaks or that no table is launched.

PokerStars note for some time a decrease of its goodwill on its highstakes tables and it would probably be a good way for them to remedy this situation.

Negative points (they are more likely those): firstly, the railbirds could no longer follow the action of cash high games limit, which removes just the charm of these parties. Unless a future improvement, for now, Zoom tables are not available in observer mode.

Then, this way of proceeding would kill a little gasoline even poker, i.e. of selecting its tables. Some may say that he has no table selection possible when no table rolls, but precisely the fact of being obliged to play on some table is surely less interesting for some players.  In addition, no one can choose his seat which will remove a bit of strategy to the game. The positions will be random.

Other disadvantages are known. Even if the poker Zoom has benefits, many do not like this style of poker because history is not the same.

Yes it is possible again the same players during a session, but the dynamics is not the same. The wars of "leveling" (making interesting poker) are not the same in Zoom on conventional tables. The reads are also less their place on the tables of Zoom. In short, several interesting aspects of poker are absent in Zoom.

On the other hand, PokerStars has increased significantly the number of hands played since the entry into force of the Zoom Poker.

Is imposing Zoom highstakes tables only is the way to revive the action on these tables? Are there better alternatives to revive the highstakes action? Why not offer 100% rakeback to players who are trying to leave a table? If you play heads-up on a 6max table, you have 100% rakeback until 4 players are sitting on the table. Other ideas could also be launched.

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