Highstakes in Zoom only on PokerStars tables

Today, on the PokerStars blog , it was announced that as of January 1, 2014, all tables $ 50 / $ 100 (NLHE and PLO) will become Zoom tables. This new policy will be applied only a trial and out of peak hours.

Forward it clarifies that PokerStars leaders do not yet know if this measure will be a permanent or temporary. During the trial period, PokerStars may just watch how this new policy influence the action on the tables. Nick Williamson, Game Manager at PokerStars, this new policy will be healthier for players and should remove some inconvenience encountered by regular of this limit.

To those who wonder if they can continue to "generator" (observe the action) tables, Yes, you can continue to do so, even if it's Zoom Poker. There is a special table for the observers. You can also see the most exciting hand of the last 10 minutes which will have been selected.

In closing, according to PokerStars, turning these tables in tables Zoom only carries a risk and may displease some people, but the current state of the games that this new policy will no doubt more than negative positive sides.

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