From bad to worse for CakePoker Network

cake-poker-devant-tribunauxIt was a more than difficult for the Cake Poker network, which has already experienced the day year best. Following the departure of several major cinemas in the network (Doyle's Room, Victory Poker and many others), the discovery by PokerTableRatings of a faulty encryption system and the resignation of Lee Jones and Serge Ravitch at the end 2010, this is a complaint filed before the Canadian courts by two men who claim that they were not paid for their contribution in the development of the network.

According to an article by PokerScout, annexed a copy of all claim to Ryan Bennett and François Piette , the complainants argue have developed multi-level (the "refer-a-friend") marketing concepts and the use of images-realistic photos on the network as a result of an agreement with the people of Yummy Interactive (which would form Cake Poker Network).

According to Bennett and Piette, they would have been promised 20% of the shares of the company, but rather show the door after receiving a miniscule fraction of the compensation they should receive following their agreement. They are now calling for the Court to have 20% of the shares, in addition to damages for breach of contract, misrepresentation, and conspiracy.

The request of Bennett and Pat also exposes the corporate structure of Cake Poker as well as the reasons for this structure:
"A society of British Colombia would be incorporated and would then put in an offshore entity, entity that would then exploit and commercialize the project. This approach was necessary because it was legal to develop software of poker on line in British Colombia, but that it was impossible to operate a site of game from a Canadian province"

To paraphrase Bluff Magazine: "are these two men well safe they want 20% of a network in trouble?"

You can discuss new cetet on the forum by clicking the following link: "from bad to worse for CakePoker: a lawsuit in Canadian court".


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