Fluctuation of traffic on different networks

Unless you spent the weekend on Mars, you are aware of what is called the "Black Friday" in the world of online poker.

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Another point that may attract you to a poker room rather than another is its traffic. As you can imagine, this "black friday" is not without having affected the traffic of the most popular poker rooms. Here, then, according to Pokerscout, fluctuation of traffic on different network:

PokerStars - 25%
Full Tilt Poker - 48%
Cereus Network (Abolute Poker) - 39%
Merge Gaming Network + 23%
Bodog + 26%
Cake Poker Network + 19%
Everleaf Gaming Network + 8%
PartyPoker + 9%
iPoker Network + 4%
Ongame Network (no change)
888Poker + 5%
PKR + 21%

Sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker have adjusted the guaranteed scholarship of their biggest tournaments to represent turnout down. The Sunday Million for example played Sunday at PokerStars who otherwise had a guarantee of 1, 5 M$ has more than 1 M$ in guaranteed purses.

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