A pot of $ 56,140 the NL5 at PokerStars

10:37 Eastern time today, was circulated on PokerStars 50 billionth hand. Surprisingly (in contrast to what has often been found since the beginning of the promotion), no player has coated his hand preflop. a big collective all-in.

The winner of the hand is a NL5 shorthanded. With a pair of ladies, he won $ 56,140. Not too bad for a player to micro limits. "tbvle" will probably be a player highly sought after on PokerTableRating by all the "bumhunter" who will want to take advantage of its incursions into the upper limits possible in the days to come.

With this promotion, PokerStars will be awarded $ 952 239 in prizes.

Funny this news is that the winner of the famous hand is a German who does not seem well mastering English. Hope for him that he realized what had happened. PokerStars will attempt to contact him soon to get some comments/impressions on this hand.

In the usual, moderators of PokerStars have done everything to make the conduct of the most exciting hand possible.

Here's a screeshot of the hand in question:



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