A Trojan horse threatens 16,000 players of poker on Facebook account

According to the company ESET (NOD32 Antivirus Publisher), 16,000 users of the game Texas Hold'em Facebook accounts ' em Poker (Zynga) have been the target of hackers.

Last week, Facebook has confirmed the new being all ambivalent times on the attack. Hand, she admits that several users have been the target of "sophisticated attacks", but on the other it says have "found no evidence that the users data have been compromised". What is exactly?

According to Facebook, there is a flaw of the Java software that could be exploited to infect users. This news follows piracy of 250,000 Twitter accounts. During this attack, the accounts of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal had hacked by Chinese hackers.

Back to Facebook accounts, a Trojan horse was used to obtain information from the users. For the uninitiated, a Trojan horse (or Trojan) is a software everything there is more mundane, but designed to perform actions without the knowledge of the user (as retrieve personal information).

According to details obtained: "the malware has managed to steal the login credentials of over 16,000 Facebook users." The objective of the malware was to recover this information and link users of Texas HoldEm Poker players statistics".

According to ESET, attacks have taken place since the end of 2011.

Nothing reassuring when you think online poker real money could land on Facebook in the coming months (Finally, hopefully).

For some unknown reason, the virus has mainly targeted players located in Israel.

Further, ESET also States that a botnet controlling 800 computers operated by the malware, attack targeted accounts, after registering their login via a fake login page. So always be careful before clicking on links posted on Facebook of our contacts wall.

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