And after the poker? by Chabz2001

Dear members collectiviens, Hello!

Over the discussions on the forum and in the real of real life, I came to the conclusion that many of the community players questioned about their future post-poker. Indeed, we are many to have evolved in parallel in different ways, but a surprising amount of members are now at the crossroads, to find a new direction in their careers and their lives. For them, poker is now more a life project, but a transitional step to something else. Others seek goals without yet be involved in poker. Decide what will be the rest of our life is not necessarily easy for all and not always a matter of money either.

I am one of those for whom poker is a hobby, I do not believe to be winner. Knowing this for a long time, I sought to develop my field of expertise outside the possible cards, in order to determine what would be the route I want to take for my future. Obviously, my path is not necessarily the best for all, I believe that everyone has qualities and interests that make that decide his career and the direction given to life requires a profound reflection.

Knowing cela, I decided to create a series of small video capsules simple and varied topics that might interest those who seek to broaden their horizons. The draft part very humbly of a desire to share, to exchange with all members on various options. Obviously, I do not know everything, and several stakeholders will be involved in the project, members of the forum as often as possible. I sincerely hope that these capsules will help you, I y metterai effort and passion. The discussion is of course encouraged in the "threads" that will be created for this series, which will allow me to align easier the series needs members.

Subjects will be very varied, we will talk about education, investment financial or real estate, travel, entrepreneurship, business, news. I fixed no scale on this series, I do not prometterai you X number of videos per week, or a schedule of the sequence of topics. I will go according to what I believe most useful, according to what you say. I sincerely hope that this series you like at the same point that the project will do it for me.

As first capsule, I present to you the 'Massive Online Open Course'. The principle is simple, to provide courses of varying levels, free of charge, on the Internet. Where it gets really interesting is that these courses you are offered by universities deemed worldwide and that the material is the same as that given in their classes. You obtinendrez a certificate of achievement at the end of the course, which is in your name and that you can print.

I present to you three platforms, namely Udacity, Coursera and Edx. The links are as follows:

Take advantage of this opportunity to explore fields of new interests, new methods, new visions of things. At worst, if you don't like the course or Professor, it's as simple as to de-register and move on.

Good listening!


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