4bet range vs. 4 bet? Which one to use?

4bet ou 4bet range

As you already know, several statistics of your HUD are intertwined. It is therefore essential to understand these inter-relationships in order to not come to a wrong conclusion on your opponent.

One of the frequent mistakes concerning the statistics on the #4bet. Many players add this statistics directly on the HUD. It is, in my opinion, a simple loss of space while a much more accurate statistics are available.

First, we must understand what the statistics 4 - bet. 4 - bet % is calculated on the number of times that your opponent raise preflop is re-raise (3bet), and that it 4 - bet then. Nowadays, with parties who are becoming more aggressive preflop, it is therefore important, even essential, to know if your opponent 4 - bet greatly (if this is the case, it will do it often with low hands) or is it 4 - bet shortly (it will be so much stronger!).

Since this is a significant statistic, how is the '4 - bet %' a waste of space on your HUD? Quite simply, because the "4 - bet %" can guide you on a bad track.

Take two players who are in the extreme: the first (vilain1) is a player who plays 50/1 (VPIP = 50%; PFR = 1%); the second (vilain2) is a player who plays aggressively his hands and has a VPIP/PFR 23/19. In the first case, one can expect that vilain1 reminder that AA/KK. In the second case, the range of vilain2 will be much more wide and risk of, for example, include all numbered pockets, several Ax suited, some Ax offsuit, some broadways and suited connectors, etc.

Now, if these two players are 3 - bet, how will they react? In the 1st case, take the assumption that fish will systematically 4bet monsters hands (AA/KK). After all, he has an excellent hand! Thus, the 4 - bet % of the first villain will be of... 100%!

In the second case, consider assumption that vilain2 will 4 - bet 20% of his hands. This therefore includes all the monsters type + QQ and AK hands, but also some other hands (sometimes it goes 4 - bet with a weaker hands if you 3 - bet often; it will perhaps 4 - bet its low pockets when he is out of position, etc.). In short, this vilain2 will be much more aggressive and have a range much greater than the first villain.

Compare now 4 - bet the first villain % (100%) with that of the vilain2. This will be a 4 - bet % much lower (ex: 20%). A simple glance at the statistics '4 - bet %' could therefore lead us to believe that the vilain1 is much more aggressive preflop when it 4 - bet, while the vilain2 is much more passive. It's totally the opposite: the first ugly 4 - bet only strong hands, while the second 4 - bet various hands, as strong as more weak. This inconsistency is due to the fact that the '4 - bet %' statistics must be analysed in relation to statistics "LICS".

In game situation, you often have little time to make your decision. That's why HoldEm Manager planned a statistic that already does this calculation for you. : the '4bet range' (called 4 - bet ratio on PokerTracker). This statistic will be so much closer to reality.

For those who wish to understand the calculation, be aware that once the "range 4 - bet" was the multiplication of 4 - bet % with the PFR%. On the other hand, since the release of HM2, they changed the calculation to take into account only the "raise first in%" rather than "PFR%". The calculation '4 - bet range' is therefore the following: "raise first in% * 4bet %. (This change is a good thing, since the 4 - bet range calculated previously tended to be underestimated).

Now let's take our example from vilain1 and vilain2 and evaluate their 4 - bet range:
In the case of the vilain1, he 4 - bet all the hands he has revived preflop. His "raise first in%" will be about 1%; its 4bet % will be 100%. Thus, its 4 - bet range will be 1% * 100% = 1%. You know as well as naughty 4 - bet about 1% of hands, which corresponds precisely to AA/KK.

In the case of the vilain2, he 4 - bet 20% of his hands and his "first in% raise" is 19%. His 4 - bet range will be so 3.8% (19% * 20%).

4 - bet range closer much more reality than 4 - bet %: the vilain2 goes 4 - bet almost 4 times more hands than the vilain1. This second villain will be obviously much lower. While one might be tempted to say, looking at only 4 - bet %, only the first villain is 5 times more aggressive (100% vs. 20%) than the second.

I therefore advise you to amend your HUD to replace your "4 - bet %" by "4bet range". This will be much more useful!

Small note in passing: this article speaks frequently of "range", and evaluate it as a percentage. It is unnecessary to know that an ugly a a range of 1% if you do not know what it is. We invite you to download "PokerStove" and do some tests in order to understand what that is worth every range.

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