The Best Poker Movies Of All Times

The movie industry has always held a certain fascination for the best card masters on the poker tables. The game itself has been a great inspiration for many directors throughout the years. That is why today we can choose from a number of movies ready to spark your interest about the game of bluffs, wit and chance.

1. Rounders

The movie stars Mat Damon as a young and skillful poker player who seems to have a ‘gift’ for this trade. His life in New York City practically revolves around the late night poker games that he and his friend attend.

New generation poker enthusiasts might find it a bit dull, and the other lead role portrayed by Edward Norton Jr. can’t do much about this matter. However, you need to understand that this movie disregards the modern-day, online planetwin365 poker bonuses and other promotions you are used to and demands raw skills to survive.

2. Maverick

More on the side of entertainment than education, this movie aims to amuse you and possibly interest you in the poker scene of the good old western days. Mel Gibson plays Maverick alongside Jodie Foster and James Garner as they set out on a journey to the greatest poker game in those days. The riverboat setting and tense 5-card draw game are bound to keep your eyes glued to the screen.

3. The Cincinnati Kid

This movie is considered a hallmark in the poker-themed cinematography. Its storyline depicting the dirty, back-door smoggy poker rooms in bars and saloons is set in the 1930s. Steve McQueen as the legendary Cincinnati kid is trying to become the greatest poker player of his time, which leads the action to the current number one player Lancey Howard, played by Edward Robinson.

The cast, the setting and the overall talent that overflows this movie is rightfully seen as reason behind its status as an all-time classic.

4. Big Hand For The Little Lady

This movie has it all – family disputes, drama, risk and most importantly, poker. It deals with the life and misfortunes of a Western poker player Meredity who decides to wager all the family fortune as a buy-in for the greatest poker game in the Wild West. Set on winning, he suffers a heart attack in the middle of the poker game.
This is where the little lady played by Joanne Woodward takes her husband’s ‘big hand’ and becomes head of the family and the poker game. All you need to find out now is how the game ends!

5. High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story

Last but not least, the movie about the youngest and most successful poker player in the World Series of Poker has definitely earned its spot among the classics. High Roller glorifies the life and work of Stu Ungar, a true cards-whisperer.

With Michael Imperioli in the lead role, you also get a glimpse of Ungar’s private intrigues which cannot be resolved by poker, much to his misfortune.