The grey areas

By Tommy Angelo
Areas grey are areas of poker where you do not know what is the good game to do and you will never know.

"The decisions that matter most to us are those that matter least."

What I mean is that, when a decision is very close in EV, it is almost as much EV + qu EV-, it will be important little. C is for this that we post hands, to know what was okay to do. On the other hand, you can realize what in the long term, your EV will be something like neutral EV. People will always try to give the best answer. But few people will say: ' I believe that c is a decision that n has no importance and make as much of money by making a play rather than another. '' C is that our minds resulted to be for something or against something. Two guys with so much d experience and talent will be able to give you two different options. C is what I call the grey areas. 72 UTG. Person n never posted this hand. Because everyone knows what to do with this hand. Interesting hands are for example where the EV is 55-45.

Even in these situations, we do not know. We cannot always know in all cases. Poker is, as we know, a game of incomplete information. Often, when you ask the question to a friend, what it will do is to make the even more gray area. First, accept the fact that certain decisions are really close one of the other and you n can often nothing. When you recognize one of these situations, take your decision and forget there immediately after. Quickly.

When you see a long thread on a hand next time, ask other players they are (d) agreement on the fact that certain decisions are 50-50. And they will tell you Yes. Therefore, how can they be so confident of their response when they debate the days and days on what they should do?
What I'm saying is, you have surely both reasons argue and that decision is 50-50, close the thread and go to something else. It is not only that some decisions are 50-50, c is that you can never know the answer. C is what is crazy with this game. What m leads to say that:

75% of poker players believe they play better than 75% of poker players

What makes poker what it is, c is its huge grey area. I think as a player has already said that poker is like sex, people think best what they are actually.

L other day, I'm sitting at a poker table and c was full of players donkeys. And I knew that I could beat all these players, one after the other. Good or bad eyesight?

Poor eyesight. J would like to draw a distinction between the words 'appreciating' and 'evaluate '. As a poker player, c is your duty d be able to place you in situations EV +. C is a question of evaluation. You are evaluating your hand, the texture of the flop, your opponents, based on your ratings. The judge is the fact to say "I am better qu them', 'these players sucks. When you are attached to these judgments, you are in less good position to properly evaluate things.

I'll give you an example. You are sitting at a table with 3 players and tell you that these players are the donkeys. In reality, these 3 players are drunk and they care a bit what they do at this time. The following week, you will find these same 3 players around d a table and they are all new players. And your commitment to your former judgment makes you unable to judge the situation that just changed.