The game C

By Tommy Angelo
Have you ever wondered what your winrate is if you had no C game?


I believe that you do not realize how much your winrate would increase. What has the air of a C game?

I hear you tell it to me: "well, I play after work, I play too many hands, I push my hands too far away, I'm more focused on the position and I say to myself that if I don't play hands in position, I play enough hands!"

I will go back on what you said. Play after work. Let's say that you are a poker pro and you win your life with poker. Is - what-before playing a session you'll do an activity that takes you about your energy 8-hour time, 1 hour's drive and then start your session? Therefore, if you always play after work, you always play your C game because you play at the end of the day. Therefore, to hunt your C game, what you should do is to recreate the conditions which put you in your best physically and mentally. To avoid playing your game C, you can exercise, eat right, be disciplined to be in top form when you enter a casino or when you sit behind your computer.

No large meals. A small meal. Few calories. No beer.

The crucial point here is to recognize that you are playing your game C. If you could only be able to say to yourself that you are playing your game C, it would already be very well.

What it should say. Everyone has a C game, all the time. Let's say that your C game is good and that your C game makes you lose 2BB per hour. When I speak to change his C game, I will not say to modify in A ++ game. What you need to do is to look at your worst session when you play your C game and try to never hit as low, never to be so much losing. You should spend "terrible bad session" to "not so bad bad session. So, your B game, will become your new game C. So, your next step should be to lose as a single BB per hour instead of 2.

You say that:

"Losing less is a form of earnings. ''

At home, if you want to know what is a zen attitude, here is a good example!

Let's talk d a C game attitude. When people play their C game, often, they play too many hands. Therefore, we must first recognize what we are playing our game C and l are playing too many hands and doing exercises to correct this flaw. If you do the categories of hand, we realize that when I'm in my C game, I play too many hands of category D. If you want to know the hands j put in this group D, you can find them in my book. The hands in the D category whose hands you set be unplayable or that you will ever play. It is not only a matter of hand, but also a question of hand and situation.

So, let's say you're on the Big blind in a game of Hold 'em. All the players fold till the button that plays 100% of his hands. He raises and the SB folds. You got 27o, what are you doing?

Then one might ask the question: would you play 73o? 74o? 84? There is a bar in which you will never want to get off. Say that this hand is T7 offsuited or suited. So, you have determined that you should always sleep T6 and less. Regardless of the situation. There are many grey areas, but c is here you set the line.

Now suppose that you're tired, that the dealer is an ass hole, that you are tuned by the dealer that reminder always, you would surely have tendency to play T5o. But was it, c your old game C.

Today, you should have a category of hands D, hands that you will ever play, regardless of the situation. And when you will find yourself in the same situation, you can say: "well, I will not play this hand, it is part of category D". By having a category of hands, you avoid playing too often your C game.

OK, now let's talk about A door and the door B.

The idea door A to door B is that there is always a better choice as another. For example, no one will ask: ' j. should have bet? '' You will be asked rather, ' j should have bet instead of checker'. You always compare two things, you compare the A door with door B. And we start with the idea that we can not always know which door will be better than the other, but on the other hand, as there is always a better than the other door. The concept of the door to door B s applies to all development decisions that you will take, but even more important when you take your choice is that you know what there is behind one of the two doors. A bit like the game "Lets Make a Deal". A door behind l silver and behind other nothing. It is just like the choice. Whenever you play poker. When you choose your rakeback, you choose your site, when you choose your seat, etc. You want to go for all the small benefits you want behind each door, behind each of your choices.

C is a true metagame.