By Tommy Angelo
Mindfulness is the opposite of "mindlesness", a term with which we are most familiar, which means to empty the mind.

What does it mean?

We do not quite empty your mind, but we will see what there is inside. We are going to get out all the crap that s there!
One of the things that n is not very well understood is the fact that people believe it s talking to empty his completely head and out his emotions. When I speak of "mindfulness", I'm talking about inverted l, c is to say the fact d observe others and fill his head of such information.

Observe my thoughts

J observe my thoughts and I commented. On the other hand, I'm not a very good witness. None of us is a good witness when it comes d observe its thoughts. Because very rarely we take it time d observe what we do and l analyze.
So here is how d introduce the topic.

S observe is also is looking at moving to look at when l it is stationary, etc. All that to say that the fact d be "mindlessness" is our State of mind by default. Are you aware of your State currently? When you say things, are you aware of what you say?

When you walk until your car, are you aware of your feet on the ground? When you fall on the floor, you are 'mindfulness', you are fully aware of things. The purpose of 'mindfulness' is to be aware of the things that surround us even when it is not a disaster. Imagine that you are angry against someone, you are "minfulness" of anger, you feel this anger. You watch your anger and the feel. You auto-observez you.

J'm hungry at this time, c is "mindfulness". Here the aim will be to hunt this thought to let s escape your wrath.

OK, fine, but what is all that has to do with poker?

Well, stress is causing the tilt and the "mindfulness", is a way to reduce our tilt. When l play tilt, we played badly, we play with bad intentions.

When we practice the "mindfulness", we tilt less. And if we tilt less, is usually more money d.

Imagine that you tell me this story on something that you tilt in life in general:

"I hate to be late. Arrive late stressing out me. The last time j gave venue to my girlfriend for dinner and I was late for our appointment. J decided to force an intersection and a m truck honked. Arrived at the second traffic light, j had to wait something like 5 minutes and I was so exasperated. And then I pondered my girlfriend sitting in the restaurant, worried, wondering where I was. "And therefore, I n was able to take pleasure in eating my meals."

So, let me ask you something: If you could have snapped fingers and no longer be stressed at this time, would you have liked to do?
Which brings me to my second point: breathe.


OK, j would like to tell you about now is breathing.

I think that c is one of the best tips I can give you for detilter. The fact d be "mindfulness" is to be aware of our breathing because c is something we do all the time and all the days of our life, and c is normal that l you think less. It is important to become aware of his breathing.

You can pay attention to what you're doing at the moment. Sitting Mindfull, mindfull, lying, mindfull standing, etc. C is something that you can practice at any time. On the other hand, l look by far the most important, is the fact to focus on her breathing.

To focus on her breathing, there are currently two ways. One is to count your breathing and the other is simply to follow your breath. You count till 10. A you inhale, two, you exhale, etc., until 10. When you become aware of your breath, you say to yourself, "I breathe" when you breathe and j expires when you exhale. C is two very simple practical exercises, but c is all you need to know. Train - to become aware of what you do and what is happening around you.

The OM

What is 'OM '?

The OM and the question to meditate and become aware of itself and breathe for example have benefits and benefits psychological as l can explain. For example, if your goal is to Excel in a gradual manner in something, focus on this thing.

(Pause for breath)

L alternative will be 'OM' Whenever you make the "OM" you are good at at an equal level. Consider the OM as the perfect way to you cheat, you mislead yourself so you can Excel correctly. So forget all this mystical talk and tell you what there is a practical reason behind this. The reason is that you and force your mind to deviate its current thoughts and its automatic thoughts.

Doing this has two advantages; First, you n are not occupied by your ideas and secondly, you will see that you are too concerned with your thoughts and c is why the count is so well. Count as long as you can and when you lose the account, try again to 1.

"And when you lose the account, it would be nice. C is the goal. That we can not count to the infinite is an evil that allows us to fight the remedy. »
Elements of Poker Tommy Angelo, p233.

Lose the account

Here, this is not important whether you're doing this exercise for the first time or if you do this exercise 10 years ago. Losing the account, c is well. An important thing to know is that when it happens to you, do not say that you missed something. The fact is that, you realize that you have lost the account that the second after having lost the account. And you might say something like, wow, I'm so absorbed in my thoughts that I can not even count till 10. The first time that I realized this fact, j was very surprised. I told myself that I was unable to count till 10. My mind is so distracted that I can't count till 10.
A key word here: concentration.

We will make this whole exercise. We'll take 3 deep breaths together and Let's count. Here n aims not so much to count because we will stop at 3. The goal is to focus on our breaths to see what happens. J would like you to wear attention to all thoughts that will be driven out of your mind when you will focus on breathing.

(Pause for breath)

If you are able to do this just after a badbeat or after someone says something about you, this will help you tremendously. It must be said; "I am aware of the fact that I am tuned, I am aware of the fact that I breathe and I must me practice right away to calm me, I have me practicing breathing. I'll think only one thing: me calm by breathing. J inspires and j expires. Quietly. What happens here c is that you use your mind to calm your body through respiration. Then your body calm will help your mind to calm down and help you breathe to calm your mind. C is a circle. What you need to know, c is that breathing is the link between the mind and the body. Guests can start exercise with your body or your mind, it n will not d importance. Breathing would you calm down, c is something undeniable d.

You calm your mind that will calm your body, which will ease your mind, etc.

On the other hand, here is the challenge: "moments where you'll be the most restless will exactly be moments where you'll be more likely to lose the thread of your ideas."
(C) is that we can practice outside the poker table, to help us relax and calm down.

Look at the example. You are late. Traffic lights take forever and you do you honk the Horn. It n there is nothing you can do about it. You'll be at your appointment when you will be there. Calm your voice in you and take 3 deep breaths.

This will be a good thing because your girlfriend will be OK when it will arrive and will see qu nothing arrived you. It will stop s worry. And we will forget the con that has honked us in no time.