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Analysis and statistical software (trackers)

The best software for analysis and statistics (trackers) for poker players online. This software allows you to manage databases on your opponents, thereby making better decisions when playing poker. PokerCollectif particularly recommend Hold'em Manager . Virtually all serious players use either of these programs. They make it possible to save all the hands you play, keep track of your wins and losses, analyze your game, analyze that of your opponents and gain access to these statistics directly on the table via the HUD (Heads Up Display). If you only have one software to buy, it is a statistical software.

Name Note Price Information
HoldEm Manager (HEM)
Review of hands played, view the statistics on your opponents in real time using the "heads-up display" (HUD), see what cards your opponents have muckées, keep a history of all your sessions, calculate your hourly rate with a more comprehensive analysis and market statistics, Hold'em Manager.

$ 89.99

$ 54.99 *

PokerTracker 3 (PT3)
PokerTracker 3 (PT3) is much more comprehensive than its predecessor PokerTracker 2 was. In addition, he now advantage over other similar tools to be compliant MAC. As Hold'em Manager, you can record as many hands as you want and the review / analysis to track your progress. Unlike its predecessor, includes a PT3 HUD in real time.

$ 89.99

$ 44.99 *

Poker-Edge is designated by professional poker players all-in-one tool. It includes all the tools you need to improve your game: HUD selector tables, buddy list, odds calculator, analysis software players, huge database and datamining in real time.

$ 29.95 **

4.95 **

FreePokerDB - statistics and hud
Freepokerdb is ideal for beginners who do not want to invest too much money into a statistical software or poker players operating on an operating system such as Linux. Freepokerdb is free software (and therefore free) created with Python, with a HUD and supporting several variations of Poker Hold'em, Omaha, Stud and Razz. It is functional on most poker rooms online.
Free Download
HoldEm Profiler - Super HUD
Unlike his brothers, Hold'em Profiler is a program for analyzing online Your database will no longer be stored on your computer, but on a website. Hold'em Profiler is the ideal solution for those who have difficulty functioning with PostgreSQL.
$ 2 ** Download
WebHUD is a tool available to paying members of PokerTableRating (PTR). Instead of displaying your database on players, WebHUD show history almost every hand played by your opponents since the beginning of PTR. PTR now has a data field over 12 billion hands!
Free with subscription PTR Premium
* Limited Edition | Monthly Fee **

Analysis software

Name Note Price Downloading
NoteCaddy is software that allows a detailed note taking on your opponents with different color code you. It is a kind of completely PokerTracker 3 and Holdem Manager. You can do the free trial for 10 days.
$ 50 Download