New book: The Education of a Modern Poker Player

A novelty has just been published by editions Dandbpoker: The Education of a Modern Poker Player. The title is inspired by a short essay on poker published in 1957: The Education of a Poker Player, a text mainly focused on Hold'em no limit, but on the course of its author, Herbert Yardley.

The Education of a Modern Poker Player follow a similar pattern as the book that inspired its authors. The book begins with a short autobiography of each of them that explain us how they discovered poker and how they have become addicted.

The book is divided into 4 main sections: part 1: Fish, part 2: Interlude, part 3: less fish, part 4: the end? Inside of each of the parties, on deals with several themes common to the poker and other less common themes.

For example, the first part deals with the mathematics of poker and the psychology of the game. This part you will be of no use if you are already a regular member of the PokerCollectif forums.

The part that interests us most is the third part in which strategies say advanced we are presented. A chapter is reserved for the heads-up play and tips are given to us to keep a good attitude throughout our player career (quality essential to all poker players).

The book ends at the opening, with suggestions for your future of poker players. In particular, you will find some suggestions for readings as well as some suggestions for sites of coaching. As you probably know, and as the proverb says, you will quickly learn the basic rules of the Hold'em without limit, but you will spend your life perfecting this art.

Several themes are classical themes to thousands of poker books that precede one that interests us in this article, but several others are relatively new. For example, some pages are reserved for the "Fast Fold Games" as well as the hardware necessary to beat the parties online.

Even if this book revolutionized anything, its strong point is that it reads easily and almost like a novel. You can get it to read it in its entirety or just to read a few chapters. As indicated above, a little more advanced players will want to without doubt skip to part 3 on advanced strategies.

The book is available on the website at a price of $ 19.95.

For the curious and curious, you can also consult a few excerpts.

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