Women in poker in 2012

Most of the time, when I do an interview, asked me a question in connection with the fact of being a woman in the world of poker. I have always answered that there were good and bad sides, but that for the majority of the time, it is a huge advantage.Recently, there was a situation that has been much talk in the online poker community. A young American woman has created a message on a forum of well known poker (2 + 2 forum). She wanted to sell its action for a series of tournaments in Las Vegas for summer 2012.

For those who do not know the term 'sell action', it is a concept used by almost all the pros. Let's say that we go to the WSOP and that we have $30 k in tournaments. We sell 40% of this $30,000 to other players, taking a side ('mark up') when we judge that we are better than the average players from tournaments. Should therefore be a player with results or well-established. If I sell my $30 000 to 1.2, I therefore $30,000 X 1.2 = $36,000, $36,000 X 0.4 = $14,400. I collect so $14,400 (I pay $15,600 from my pocket) and I have 60% of my earnings, and investors have 40%.

In his message of sale, his bio written player, described its results, etc. However, it has no real results; It displays little gains tournaments over a period of 2 years, not counting its losses, and it doesn't seem to play parts in money, or it does not mention his earnings. Then, in his description of sale, it offers its percentage of tournament by taking a side of 1.25 or 1.3, which is huge. We must be better than the average of many to ask this. Short, serious players who are regulars at the action would probably not take the risk to buy from this person. However, it is here that the issue of being a woman comes into play. She decides, the following day, attach pictures of her to his message, photos that are not related to poker. It is obviously a very beautiful girl. Suddenly, it sells all its action.

This is Daniel Negreanu and other professional players react. A few examples are found on the blog of Zimba. A few examples are found on the blog of Zimba

Negreanu : ' bad for women in poker: a young woman includes pictures of her for selling its share in the WSOP.

Players : "I think this girl is pathetic, and in addition it works.", "As women, we are often poorly considered then why not use to advantage whenever possible."

Mike 'timex' McDonald : "I'm not very incensed: she only understood faster than others how our world works.»

Personally, I do not find this situation than another and it does upset me. Poker, we are constantly trying to find a way make more with what you have. This is exactly what is happening here. As she knows that she is maybe not so good, why it would not use the "edge" that she, or her beauty to get what she wants? To be in agreement or not with it, everyone does, whether it's using her physical appearance or other. In this case, these are the people that we bought the % who are fish and who are fooled. They make a bad investment, but it may not bother them. Is often bad choices. The intention of this player is still to perform in tournaments to become better. I wish him to succeed and be able to return this against people who the descend on the public square.

In poker, it is a fact, we all know: we are of good female poker player. There are few who will talk about women as good players among other good players. They always come because we are women. It is also what makes a woman who performs stands out much more than men. Let's be honest: there are few women who perform in poker. Many who are exposed or pro for sites online, but they do not good result display and play much. They are rather ambassadors who promote the poker to the general public by their look and their personality. It's a good way marketing, because it directly affects the majority consumer, or the man of 18 to 35 years. I myself have suffered the fallout from this: before Espacejeux, I was in contention to be sponsored by a well-known online site and they finally chose a woman with the best physical assets than me and who has no results. I am very happy to not have been chosen Finally, otherwise I would have not signed with Espacejeux.

Certainly, there are fewer women who perform because there are fewer women who play. In major tournaments, between 8 and 10% of participants are women. Women seem to be less attracted to poker, maybe because they like less risk-taking in General. A woman wants to be safe in all spheres of its life. For my part, I think that at equal talent, a woman who managed to become pro has an advantage over men; We do not really ego of performance and we argue less ("tilt"). In addition, I think that we are more diligent in general and therefore more disciplined. Also, we are underestimated when we are at a table, which we can take advantage.That being said, I think that since I represent Espacejeux, I received two messages from women interested in self-improvement and persevere, compared to dozens or hundreds of men. I am hopeful that some other talented Quebec players join Geneviève Gloutnez, Dinara Khaziyeva and myself. I think we will have a few surprises in the years to come, because a generation of new players such as Vanessa Selbst, Xuan Liu, Melanie Weisner and Lauren Kling are now making their mark on the international scene.

My final advice to those wishing to improve and have results: work hard. Do not like the others playing without thinking about anything and not revising your sessions. I think that in 2012, you are no longer the wife of the man who plays poker. You can be a good player in its own right and even better than him in you applying more. In addition, you have precisely an advantage, good male players will be much more willing to help you and to discuss poker with you. It changes their landscape to talk poker with a woman. To improve, to play a lot of hands, read analyses of hands, watch videos from strategies, play sessions with better players than us and discuss poker. Think further, dear ladies!

Laurence 'Lady Luck'

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