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Poker Academy

Price: $ 130
Compatibility: PC and MAC
Web Site:

This is not only a software to pass the time! Poker Academy has a very good artificial intelligence and several exercises that will help you in your learning of poker.

Among the features of Poker Academy;

  • Simulation of cash games and tournaments
  • A chart may suggest that you raise, bet or checker according to your hand. All will be accompanied by an explanation of the best game to do.
  • A very advanced artificial intelligence
  • The ability to configure our opponents (image below). If you have difficulty to play against aggressive players after the flop, you can configure Poker Academy accordingly to improve this facet of your game.
  • Allows you to analyze your game and see your shortcomings, since all the hands you play on Poker Academy are kept in memory.
  • Possibility to play online with other users of the software
  • Opportunity to play with all your short opponent cards.

Poker Academy