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Introduction to SpadeEye

1.1 General presentation
SpadeEye is a software family "SpadeIt!" to which also belongs the SpadeICM software which is a tool to analyze and improve your game mode Sit'nGo.

SpadeEye is a software which acts in close collaboration with PokerTracker, PokerOffice or PokerManager. SpadeEye consults the Poker Tracker database and allows a "datamining" and a selection of tables simple and fast.

The main feature of SpadeEye is to be able to display the list of the players seated at a table, the statistics of players or the average statistics of tables, without having to open the table. In order to collect statistics about players a fully customizable datamining module is included which automatically collects the hands of observed tables players.

1.2 prior and installation

SpadeEye n is not free. You can get it for the modest sum of US$ 30. A test version is available and it is functional for 7 days.

SpadeEye supports the following sites for the selection of tables: PartyPoker, EmpirePoker, FullTiltPoker, AbsolutePoker and ParadisePoker. New pokerrooms will be added soon on the other hand, the datamining is on functional yet PartyPoker and EmpirePoker.

SpadeEye requires installed "Microsoft .net Framework 2.0 redistributable " available here: Microsoft .net 2.0. Finally download the latest version of SpadeEye available here: