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Bonus and Rakeback FAQ

{slide = what is the difference between the 'rake share' and 'rake rebate'?}
There are two ways to calculate rakeback. Most sites use either of these methods to calculate your rakeback. Read the "small writings" on the sites for the operation of the site.

{slide = Rake share}
Back (rakeback) is calculated according to the number of players who were dealt cards. For example, 10 players receive cards, 2 go to the flop and the pot rake is $ 3. According to the share rake, rake of $ 3 will be divided by the number of players who received cards; 30 ¢ per player. If your rakeback site is 25% for example, you will receive 25% of 30 ¢ for this hand (~ 8 ¢).

{slide = Rake rebate}
Back (rakeback) is calculated according to the contribution of players to the rake. For example, according to the example above, according to the rake rebate, the rake of $ 3 will be divided by the contribution of players - here the two players paid $ 1.50 rake. If your rakeback site is 25% for example, you will receive 25% of 1.50 ¢ for this hand (~ 37 ¢).

{slide = what is better, rake rebate or rake share?}
It depends on several factors. Generally, for 'normal' players in parts to more than 6 players, the share rake will be more profitable with the exception of aggressive shorthanded players. For example, in a program of rake share, Ms. Agression plays aggressively and sees all the pots and pay a lot of rake. His RB will be calculated on 1/6 of the pot. Mr. tight which only sees a flop out of 10 will have the same return. On the other hand, with the rake rebate, the assault Ms. RB will be 1/3 or 1/2 according to the number of players who did not fold preflop. Mr. Tight will almost have no money as it almost never contributes to the pot...

{slide = can I open two accounts on the same site to have 2 times the same bonus?}
Aside from the fact that it presents little interest, it is possible in Play money. However Real money, you are logged in through your identity and your banking data (both must match). If you try to open another account (to take advantage of a 'new player' promo for example) you will be recognized and turned back.

It is furthermore forbidden to share your financial information with other members. For example, you cannot use your Neteller account to deposit on your account and the account of your blonde for example.

Some sites allow all times of having multiple active accounts at the same time. This is the case of SunPoker. But the accounts are linked and not only will you access to the same bonus more than once.

{slide = it is better run bonuses or stay on a site that has a lot of fish.}
See: this discussion.