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Hand HQ Overview:
HandHQ offers fast service and covers several networks. Their site is perhaps not the most beautiful, but it is effective: simply choose the type of hands you want to buy through the menu drop-down.

HandHQ is distinguished by its speed to process commands and many supported sites.

HandHQ offers only hands sold in lots. they do not offer a subscription service (new hands received daily).

Supported sites:
For the moment, HandHQ offers hand histories on PokerStars, FullTilt Poker, PartyPoker, IPoker, Cereus, Ongame and the Entraction Network.

Variations and types of games supported:
Only hands in cashgames are sold by HandHQ. They offer the hands of Hold'Em, and some networks also offer Omaha hands. All limits are available.

For the purchase of lot hand history, HandHQ is probably the least expensive site.

For those who want to gradually build their database with new hands received daily, it is more profitable to instead opt for a monthly subscription to another site.

For people who want hands several limitations or multiple sites, the absence of discount substentiel fact so that HandHQ is less competitive towards this type of customer.

HandHQ should be the number choice #1 for the purchase of hand history block of a single limit on a single site. The absence of rebates for the purchase of historical hands on multiple sites or multiple limitations is disappointing, as well as the impossibility of a monthly subscription.

PokerCollectif recommends HandHQ to purchase bulk hand history for a single limit on a single site or for the purchase of hand on the Entraction Network histories. Otherwise, better to take a monthly subscription on HHDealer or PokerHand Scout.