HoldEm Profiler - Super HUD

HoldEm Profiler overview / Super HUD:
HoldEm Profiler is a web tracking software. Rather than using a PostgreSQL database on your hard disk, HoldEm Profiler saves your data on a web site. Thus, you will always have access to your statistics and your hand histories, regardless of the computer you used.

Installation of HoldEm Profiler / Super Hud:
No installation is required for Hold'Em Profiler. You don't have to register on the site HoldEm Profiler and in 30 seconds, the round is played. Super Hud, meanwhile, installs in seconds and requires no special configuration.

Ease of use:
You must first manually upload your hand histories. This process should not be too long and you have to do is select the different hand history files in the directories on your computer. You can also easily configure the application so that your hand histories are automatically sent.

Then, regardless of the computer you are using, you can access your statistics and those of your opponents. You will have access to various statistics on each player and multiple filters and options will be at your disposal. You can view these statistics in both real thanks to the Super HUD application.

For a web application, the features of Hold Em Profiler are rather impressive: you can analyze the game from different opponents using many filters. For example, you can have the statistics on open - raise, raise limpers, cold call, 3 bet, 3bet, 4bet call 4bet call, limp - raise, etc., each of your opponents. You can also take into account only hands played in a given period, holecards, etc. specific

"Super HUD" to display more than 70 different statistics to Hold'Em Profiler in real-time on your tables, absolutely free. Super HUD statistics are divided according to whether the action takes place preflop, on the flop, the turn or the river. Tournament players will appreciate the "ranking" of the different players and the graphics to see the performance of all opponents. Super HUD is easily customizable to meet your needs.

Trial version:
Hold'Em Profiler has a trial version of 10,000 hands. Super HUD, he is free. After that, Hold'Em Profiler charge a monthly $ 2 + per month.

Supported sites:
For the moment, only PokerStars, FullTilt Poker and IPoker are supported. PartyPoker and Cereus should also be supported in the coming months.

Variations and types of games supported:
All HoldEm variants are supported, both in cashgame in tournament.

Updates / support:
Hold'Em Profiler is designed by Poker Pro Labs, a legit company that create many poker software. On the other hand, support via their forum is slow and often inefficient,

Hold'Em Profiler will not revolutionize the world of poker software, but for a player who plays on different computers or master computer is too old to use a software like Hold 'Em Manager, Hold' Em Profiler can be an interesting alternative. Otherwise, for players with a budget limited, Hold'Em Profiler can also be an interesting solution, although FreePokerDB is probably a free solution much more comprehensive (but also more complex) to install.