2.1 - decision making

Notes: These regulations are drawn from the "Robert's Rules of Poker" and translated from English to french by PokerCollectif. It is the latest version (version 11). These regulations are used in most casinos around the world and are, for the most part, compatible with the rules of the TDA.
You can download the entire document by clicking on the following link: (to come soon)


1. the House reserves the right to take the decisions in a spirit of equality, even if the strict interpretation of the rules says a different application.

2. the decisions of the supervisor are final and without appeal.

3. the right time to draw attention to an error or irregularity is when it occurs or it is noted. Any delay may affect the decision.

4. If an error of interpretation of a rule or a bad decision is made in good faith by an employee, there may be recourse against the House.

5. a decision may be made concerning a pot if it was requested before the start of the next hand (or until the game ends or table closes). Otherwise, the result of the hand must be maintained. The next hand begins at the first striping of the cards.

6. If a pot has been incorrectly attributed and mixed with tokens not involved in the prize pool, but that the time limit set out in the previous rule has been respected, the hand can be reconstitueee and the amounts transferred to the appropriate player.

7. in order to avoid unduly delaying action, it is possible for the game to resume even if the decision is delayed for a short period. In such circumstances, a pot or a part thereof can be temporarily oconservee by the House while the decision is pending.

8. the same action can have a different meaning, depending on the person who is. The possible intent of the player in violation will be therefore taken into account; factors such as the experience of game of the player in violation and its history can be considered.

9. a player, before taking action, is right to seek and receive information as to whether if an opponent's hand is alive or dead, or is of sufficient size to reopen the paris.