Play a big draw in limit hold'em

By Chris Ferguson
Chris Ferguson
To limit hold'em, it is not uncommon to see a pot contested by 4, 5 or even 6 players. This happens more often small limits, where there are several players who have not learned the virtues of game TAG (tight-aggressive).

In a family pot, the draws (prints) are especially strong and play a draw in an aggressive way against several players can create a very profitable situation. For example, suppose you have As - 8s on the button. Three players limp before you and you decide to limp also. 2 blinds call. The flop falls 4 s - 7 s - Jc. You have no hand at the moment, but you have the nut flush draw.

On the flop, the small blind development and three players call. What will be your best action? Lie here is really the worst options. With two cards to come and 9 outs, you complete your flush about 35% of the time, leaving you only to 2:1 dog. With six small updates in the pot pre-flop and four updates added to the flop, you have odds ratio.

You might be tempted to only caller to see that turning it gives, but in fact, a stimulus will give you even more value. The pot comes big and that apparently, all your opponents are left for caller. Even those who have nothing more than a second pair and a gutshot straight draw feel they have the sides needed to justify a call. If your raise is called by 4 players, you will have great value. You will have 4:1 for your money so that you will only be 2:1 underdog a clear win-win situation for you.

The stimulus may well work for you on the turn or river. After the flop, revived the chances are to make opponents check turning. This will give you the opportunity to checker also to take a free card if you do not complete your flush.

The level of aggression that you must demonstrate with a draw will depend on your position. To show you how your game must change depending on your position, imagine that you are in a hand with the same cards (ACE - 8 s), with the same number of players (six), and the same flop (4 s - 7 s - Jc). This time, you are not on the button, but on the big blind. Here, you want to encourage players to put as much money as possible into the pot. If you raise, you will probably force players with second pair or a gutshot straight draw to lie, so your best option will be to caller. Leave all the opportunities at your opponents to bring money in the middle of the table.

Finally, let's look at how you should play the same cards if you are first to speak. If you have a nut flush draw on the small blind and there are six players in the pot, go ahead for an upgrade. It is a favourable situation for you and you want there is money in the pot. With the position, I often go with a bet on the turn after bet or raised the flop, no matter that I have or not hit my flush. And if I still missing on the River, I'll decide whether or not I'll bluff the river. If I am only for 1 or 2 players on the River, I usually go to bluff. If there are 5 players still in the hand, I let go my hand. There are too many chances for make my bluff call.

You can make a lot of money playing the draw limit Hold'em ' em. Remember that you want as many players as possible to contribute to the pot, which means that, depending on your position, you will need to play in a different way to get the most money possible from your draw.