In a part of Pot Limit...

By: Clonie Gowen

gowen.jpgThe majority of players of Omaha pot limit (PL), know that Omaha is a part of "nuts". In a family pot, the winning hand is very often the "nuts" (the best possible hand on a board given). When you start with four cards, you have six different 2 cards possible. This increases the number of chances that someone has "the nuts". That many beginners to Omaha PL don't understand is that this game is really a game of redraws.

A redraw means that after the flop, you have not only a hand that is made, but you also have a draw to a better hand. Have a redraw to the PL Omaha is so important that it is sometimes mathematically correct sunset the nuts on the flop. Suppose for example in a part online, that you restart in late position with Ac Kh Tc 9 h is a very good starting in Omaha hand. Two players follow and you're three to see the flop. The flop falls 6 d 7 s 8 s. You have flopped the 'nut straight' which is the best possible hand at that time. The problem is that you have no chance d improve your hand. C is as good as it sounds l be. It can be good if your two opponents checked. But if an opponent made a bet of the pot and the next player puts in a raise of the pot also, which you should do? Can you sleep the nuts?

If one of your opponents has flopped a set, and the other player (or possibly the same player) has a flush draw, you are almost in 2-1 dog to win the pot. If one of these opponents has the same straight as you with a flush draw or a straight draw higher levels (such as 9-10-J), your hand is even worse because you can earn that half the pot so you do not lose against a color or a full. You have to wonder what your opponent might bet or raise with this flop. S there is a chance that all redraws come out against you, then you should always fold. If your two opponents checked or if a d between them is smart enough to be capable of a check - raise, you should always checker this flop. If a brick falls a 3 c for example your hand will be much stronger. Keep in the mind that if all these prints always come out against you, you won't be much better qu at 50% chance to win the pot.

Having multiple redraws to the nuts is much better Poker Omaha PL qu have the current nuts. So drop your hand and keep your chips for a better spot.