Common errors

By Phil Gordon

GordonEveryone makes mistakes. On the other hand, a good poker player will teach d they then as a bad player will repeat those same mistakes again and again. And the player that can exploit these errors will be winning.

Here are some of the most common errors and my way to exploit:

A player who was not bluffing enough. When these players build or revive, I give them generally of the credit for a good hand. When they checked, I'll usually restart to win the pot right away.

A player who overstate top pair.The average winning hand in hold 'em is two pairs. And there are players who are willing to take very big risks with top pair. When I have a hand that can beat a player who overstate top pair, j overbet usually pot and am trying to put in a situation to make mistakes. I often play my pockets pairs with them because I know that if I hit my set on the flop, I'll probably make me pay.

A player who sous-mise the pot. It is really important, especially in No Limit Hold ' em to bet enough to punish opponents who run their draws. When a player sous-mise the pot and that I have been a draw, I take advantage of this error by that caller her little update. When I think that I have the best hand, I raise.

A player that call too. I will rarely try to bluff a "calling station". I will however better value my good hands against them.

A player who tightens too much under pressure. Most of the bad players tightens too much when they are on the bubble in a tournament. They get tighter and waiting for their monster. Against these players, I play in a manner much more louse trying to steal their blinds and their antes.

A player who telegraphy the strength of his hand with his tells. J always observe these players, no matter that I am in the hand or not.

Play poker perfect is almost impossible for most players, but if you acknowledge that you make mistakes and you identify them and those of your opponents as you play a stronger poker and maximize your winnings at the table by exploiting the errors and weaknesses of other players.