The 5 Things Not to Do in Online Poker

Online poker players sometimes commit certain behavioral errors, often through ignorance. Here are the 5 most common and to avoid.

5. Hit 'n' Run

The Hit 'n' Run is to win a big pot in a cash game, and run away immediately.

The only reason for wanting to do that is to reduce your losses because you are a fish.

Here you will telegraph the fact that you are really one, and make yourself a target of the regular players against whom you play next time.

4. Defy an opponent in Heads-up after losing a pot against him

So you lost a pot? It happens all the time. And so you think your opponent has played badly? It happens all the time too. So you challenge him in heads-up? Be careful what you hope to do.

The heads-up is a different game, so you can not prove anything if he refuses the offer. You could even change the game that it would not change the case because it's stupid.

It's not bad for me to provoke voluntarily. It did not take long before the comments arrived, and I got my first duel challenge. Which was the main reason for my behavior. The fish was shod.

To make things even more pathetic, you can challenge someone in an even lower stakes limit than the one you play. And to make it even more pathetic, you can make a buy-in of the minimum at this heads-up table. I have seen it many times before.

That said, you can do even worse: challenge someone heads up and then withdraw when he agrees. LOL, seriously ...

3. Slow Roll

As a reminder, the slow roll is to take more time than necessary while you have the best hand obviously.

Why do people do that? In addition there is a good chance that your opponent will not even notice it because he is playing on 8 tables at a time.

If he does not notice anything, he probably does not care.

The only thing you do is steal 10 seconds from someone else's life, as well as yours. And maybe let others think that you are the bastard that you seem.

2. Tell Bad Beats stories in Chat

Everyone does not care and nobody listens. Your friends only pretend to listen. That's what you do, right? So why do not you understand that they only pretend to listen to them too?

And again that's live. Do you really think someone is interested in your bad beats stories online? Do you believe that someone really reads such stories in the chat window?
Chat box of an online poker room.

The only one who will be interested is the one who stuck you the bad beat. And he's mostly laughing in front of his screen.

1. Threaten your opponent

You are angry, ok... Your opponent behaves badly and is even rude. Insult him in return if it pleases you, but to threaten him is something pathetic.

There is nothing more puerile to anonymously threaten another anonymous person. I could see someone living in Australia threatening someone living in Norway. Why doing this?