The Grand Series Of Poker on Ongame

It is the time of the large series of poker tournaments. And Bwin Interactive (Ongame network) is no slouch (contact us for our offers on this network: TowerGaming, Goalwin, HeyPoker and co.). On September 19 will begin the Grand Series Of Poker (GSOP) with a series of 16 tournaments spread over two weeks.

Among these tournaments, two variants: the No Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha. Some tournaments will be played on 9-handed tables and other tables of 5 players. Some tournaments will also offer unlimited redemptions for a short time.

There are altogether 16 tournaments as we mentioned. 15 tournaments spread from September 19 to October 3 over the grand finale for the 16th and last tournament. The cost of entry for this tournament will be 1000 euros and will take place October 10. This tournament will be buyin the highest all tournaments.

Other tournaments will be a little more affordable with costs ranging from $ 50 to $ 350 entries. All these tournaments will have the advantage of having guaranteed scholarships. For the tournament at 45 + 5 for example, the total of guaranteed scholarships will be 10, 000euros. The total of scholarships guaranteed for these 16 tournaments will be 500, 000euros.
The player who will finish 1st in one of these tournaments will be awarded an entry into the Grand Slam final.

That is what the Grand Slam?

It's a closing tournament which will be held on 10 October. The cost of entry to this tournament is 1000euros and total guarantees scholarships will be 50, 000euros. If you are interested in this tournament and you have not the means to participate, you can participate in the daily satellite tournaments that will be held on the site with buy-ins between 5 and 20euros and between 3:40 and 23:45.

During the GSOP, you can accumulate points for the leaderboard. The Leaderboard is a players ranking that takes into account their results on the different stages of the GSOP.  The leader of the leaderboard will automatically enter the final of the Grand Slam while other players will also receive gifts. Here is an example.

From the 2nd to the 10th place: a freeroll private October 09 at 20:00 with a 1,000 ticket to win.
From the 11th to the 30th place: a freeroll private October 09 at 20:00 with a 1,000 ticket to win.
From the 31st to 100th place: a freeroll private October 09 at 20:00 with a 1,000 ticket to win.