Online casinos with live dealer

Today you don't have to leave your house to play at live dealer online casino. It's enough to register account with casino live and in 1 minute the doors of a casino live will open for you. 

Poker rules at casino live

Poker at casino live is good for novice players. Nice atmosphere during live dealer online casino game allows you to think of the most successful combinations without rushing. Novice players will always have payout table available.

Rules of poker at casino live are the same as standard poker rules. Everything depends on a type of poker you play at casino live. The only difference compared to "club poker" is that gamers play not against other players, but against live dealer. Live online casino games customers playing Oasis or Russian poker at a table with other players, have high win rate which is 37% higher compared to situations when player is alone. 

Keno rules at casino live

When you can't wait for TV lottery to begin any longer, think about numbers and have irresistible desire to try your luck, live dealer online casino keno is a good choice. Just several minutes separate you from starting the game.

Keno rules are no different than TV lottery rules. Casino live player is offered to randomly choose 10 out of 80 numbers or select numbers manually. After that, dealer will spin the wheel to determine winning numbers. The more winning numbers match with your numbers, the greater will be your win.

Live blackjack rules

Casino live blackjack is the ground where probability theory fans and those who love card counting meet. It's believed that blackjack is the best game to implement mathematics. Long blackjack sessions help improve memory.

The goal of live blackjack player is to get 21 points or simply more points than dealer holds but without exceeding 21. Blackjack is a unique casino live game, because it gives much higher rate of return to players compared to any other live dealer online casino game.