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matt-matrosThe conventional wisdom is the cause of the fall of several professional aspiring poker for not to mention several baseball teams, several high-budget Hollywood movies and several relationships. In this article, therefore, I will stick to poker only.
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Think for yourself!

The conventional wisdom is the cause of the fall of several professional aspiring poker for not to mention several baseball teams, several high-budget Hollywood movies and several relationships. In this article, therefore, I will stick to poker only.

I think that the conventional wisdoms of poker are history of the past and that each player now has his own ideas on how to play. Especially when considering the growing number of new players from these last three years, I am sure that the old adages of poker will disappear from them even, sooner or later. Although several new players have their own style of play, it's amazing how some players still cling to old ideas designed poker.

The vast majority adhering to the "conventional wisdom" has never made money with poker since high-level poker is completely different from the typical poker "by-the-book". Think of any great poker player. Do you have your favorite player? Excellent. Now, would you say that this player meets the conventional wisdoms? A great player makes things differently than a mediocre player. For this reason, be free to ignore any recommendations you will hear players who play in the same way that everyone, regardless of whether they are experienced or not.

I hope that many readers will know what I mean when I say "conventional wisdom". But just in case, let me you speak a few sentences that I hear too often in poker rooms and explain why I don't find them unhelpful.

1 don't risk your not any tournament on a bluff. Several players avoid risking their last chips in a tournament, even if they consider that the risk is worth it, just because they are afraid to put their 'lives' in danger without a premium hand. This is probably the most dangerous wisdom.

Survive the first or the second day of a major tournament has almost no value. I know that this is not instructive to think so. After all, you have to survive a long time before the final table. I began my career by joining the conventional wisdoms. I often went very far in my first tournaments, sometimes winning a scholarship by playing in a very conservative manner and using the strategy which is to keep his chips as possible. At the same time, my archives showed me that I had several and several losses in tournaments.

Finally, with the help of poker theorists who well brewed me spirits, Jerrod Ankenman and Bill Chen, I realized how silly was the theory that is to keep his chips. You win tournaments by accumulating chips. You win risking your "tournament life. A poker tournament is not a life after all, this is a game. And the objective of this game is to make as much money as possible. The objective is not to know how long you can survive in a tournament. Players that finish on the bubble are paid as much as players who came out first. And the player who finishes first is paid about thousand times more than the first grant recipients.

If I had never risked my 'life' of tournament in risky situations, I would never have been hired as a columnist for poker, not to mention that I'd not poker live.

2. "it is important to keep control over the table. Persons who claim that think they can do it folder, caller and raiser their opponents when they want. This kind of thinking may not seem dangerous, but it is. People who think they can control a table, use their image to show large hands. They are the kind stuff: 'I did not need caller here; "I can build myself a stack without taking the least risk.The problem is the following: your opponents will not bend to your four wishes. Even if you leave well and do not have to show hand, it is far from be guaranteed that your success will continue again and again. In fact, when you win several hands without having to show your cards, tell you that there's half of the table that will want your skin (trust me, I tried the experience several times). This situation is not good to show large hands. If subsequently you suspect your opponents to understand your ride, you probably callerai with less strong hands ought normally go to the trash.

It is not important to have control on the table because of control the table is impossible. (I wonder if the idea of intimidation to the table comes from the time could intimidate with rifles). If your opponent has a big pair, nothing that you can do will make it fold to the preflop. And your opponents can still flop a big hand, no matter how bad they are. It is important to play your best poker and to constantly assess and reassess what is happening with your opponents, so as to know what can happen.

Here's a better way to describe a time where you have success at a table: "there are several players at my table who were loose-passive, but who, now that they are short stack, will become more aggressive. "I have a picture of pot holder at my table so I don't think I'll bluff. "I have a picture very tight to my table so I think I'll try a few big games. "I had some nuts, so I think that my opponents are afraid to play against me. Note the difference between these statements and 'I have control on my table.

3. "never put your chips in a pot if you're not a big favorite either a small underdog. I addressed this issue in detail during a last Chronicle (part 2nd Poker mathematics: A practical example of the usefulness of mathematics in the decision of caller an all-in). In this article, I defended the idea of caller an all-in with 8-8, knowing full well I'd be really dominated, either a small favorite. It is extremely important to watch your two cards in hands and to think about the cards that your opponent may have to consider the risks vs possible gains in this hand. There are times where the pot so offers a good price you could caller with any cards. There are times where the pot is so big that you have the sides for caller with one even has to pretty much no chance to be the best. And there are situations where the pot is so small that you should fold even a very strong hand. Know how to assess these different scenarios is much more important than to memorize the unreliable conventional wisdoms.

The old method of playing poker never risk his chips without the nuts and never player unless you will know big favorite caller one another has maybe worked for several players. But believe it or not, 95% of people who blindly follow the laws of the gurus of poker become ever rich to play poker. However, it is a saying with which I agree, and if you have never met him during your life, I'm happy to introduce: think for yourself.

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