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Price: $ 35
Web Site:
Compatibility: Party, Full Tilt, Absolute.

Definitely the ultimate of the datamining. Only works on Party. In the configuration window, you simply select the limit you want to observe and the number of desired tables. IdleMiner will begin its observation when you tap the button "start" or, if you wish, when your screesaver is actuvera. In other words, if you leave your computer, IdleMiner open by him even a dozen tables to watch, without any intervention on your part.

Before leaving home, you can manually open 12 tables to observe. But some of the tables are empty or close. So, when you will return home a few hours later, a number of tables will be empty. The advantage of this software is that not only it opens new tables to offset tables that close, but he keeps an eye on the number of players seated at each table and automatically close tables with few players to replace them with a full table.

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