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November 5: Nothing very adult ...

Recently, I called my "me" inside. Watching sports, playing video games, going to the movies. Nothing very "adult" what I've done lately, and I love it!

Although this is not entirely true, because I did "something adult" this week. I went to the meeting of the WSOP Player Advisory Council, which was held at Caesar's Palace. We met for a roughly five hours and talked about a variety of topics.

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Unfortunately, I can not talk about what was discussed in this meeting. I'll just say that I went to this meeting being very pessimistic, but at 5: 00 pm, I found a ton of progress had been made.

Organize WSOP is an extremely difficult task, but people who are in charge of WSOP 2007 are extremely knowledgeable and are dedicated to what the 2007 is even more successful than 2006.

Later that night, a small group of this meeting had dinner at Agave, the other side of Red Rock and then it was just directed to the Red Rock to watch Borat. I've always been a big fan of "Da Ali G Show" and I think the HBO show was simply brilliant.

Although I really enjoyed the film, I found the HBO show was better! Several comedy Borat things done are detailed in the Da Ali G Show, while these numbers are cut from the film.

At the beginning of the film when Borat is supposedly in Kazakhstan, I thought to recognize a language that was spoken. Then ... I realized that it was ... Romanian! Dude! They spoke Romanian! I found it great.

Saturday I spent the whole night on the couch listening to hockey games. I had a "night hockey pool", which is always very pleasant. In fact, I am responsible to disseminate the results of the NHL forum FullContact of Poker.

New on the forum: I decided to make my paris on public hockey. In fact, I do not really put money on parts, but I started with a "fake" $ 10,000, and I bet $ 500 per game. I had a big night on Saturday, taking the Leafs who were +2.52, plus a "prop bet" 0.5 points Maxim Afinegonov to +2.70. My bankroll is currently $ 11,670. To view my past and future updates, visit the NHL forum.

I watched another movie that I had in my collection. In fact, Lori and I had planned to listen to a movie, so I chose 6 DVD, it has eliminated 4, and I chose between the two that remained. We had a choice between "King of New York," "Inside Man," "Pearl Harbor," "Hotel Rwanda," "The Saint" and "Broken Flowers."

Lori has narrowed the list to "Inside Man" and "Pearl Harbor." I bought it several years ago, so I told myself that it was time to listen. A loooooooooong film two dvd.

I liked the film. I found Ben Affleck very well in this role. In general, I find that these roles suit him much better than those comedies and other films of the genre.

Anyway, this is a good film. I also watched the extras. It showed the true survivors who talked about that day. It was really touching.

What else ... Oh yes! Video games! I went back to my other passion. For my last party, Lori bought me Dance Dance Revolution with the mat. I quickly became addicted. I look like a perfect fool when I play, but I think I had dancer on it for two full hours. I was sweating like a pig! It was a pretty good workout! The next day I had calves compote ...

When I finally tired of all this, I decided to start playing Grand Theft Auto III ... It's supposed to be a children's game?? Wow! It was pretty scary! Lol! The game was really fun, but let's say I would not be comfortable letting children play. It is rather like vintage game: prostitutes, shoot police, etc..

Oh! I almost forgot! I played at the Bellagio since my last blog. Here's a little summary:

The game was the $ 2000-4000, with different variations. Hold'Em, Omaha Hi / Lo, Razz, Stud, Stud 8 or Better, Stud High / Low regular, Pot Limit Omaha, 2-7 triple draw. The players were:

Me, Patrik Antonious, Ralph Perry, Doyle Brunson, Jennifer Harman, Eli Elezra, and Ted Forrest.

I was early for a good part of the night, although I missed a bet on the first hand and then I would have had to spend a few hands later, both times against Doyle. Omaha 8 or better, I spent a situation against a between Doyle and I, with a AK26 A37J9 table, 3 maps tile. I had aces with a king kicker and 2-6 for low. When Doyle spent, I should have a "value bet" using as it turned AQ58. I fought for both the high and low for that he would certainly have called the $ 4,000.

A few hands later, I played another pot against Doyle. This time, it was a pot with several players involved and I was on the button with 9JQK, the king of clubs and the jack of clubs. The flop was good for me: 9 c_club -10 c_spade -4 c_club . Doyle bet the flop and I raised. Everyone is lying. The turn was the 3 c_club and Doyle once again bet - this time, I just called his bet.

The river was a J c_diamond And Doyle spent. I should also pass given the way in which Doyle had played this hand. Instead, I bet I was raised and I paid. He had A c_club 2 c_club .

I lost a few hands with the 2nd nuts during the evening. Nevertheless, I found myself with more than $ 80 000 in profits after four hours of play with a monster pot that I flew triple draw:
Patrick has raised, Doyle also relaunched, Eli called and I defended my blind with 3-4-6-7-7 (this is not a good hand, by the way!). Eli took three cards (?), I took one, two and Patrick Doyle a.

On the first lap, I got a 9, which was one of the cards I was hoping to catch: an 8 or 9 Use as small cards out, I thought it would be hard for others to do. their hand. We all had without even seeing our cards up Doyle, who bet. Eli called hand, I raised, Patrick also revived, Doyle has set, called Eli and I restarted again, Patrick has done the same, and Eli and I called.

Eli asked 2 cards (??). The art of bet! Lol! At this point, I decided not to take any card, hoping to scare Patrik, but it did not seem to work. Eli has passed, I passed, and Patrik bet. Eli called. I did not intend to call: it was clear that Patrik beat me. For cons, I did not think it was July 1-low (5 cards below 7, no straight or flush). I put it on a simple 8-low, depending on how he played the hand.

So I decided to make a play for the pot, check raisant to $ 8,000. It was the last token that I was planning to put in the pot and my goal was to pack and Patrik breaking a-against-one with Eli, who was unquestionably still in the process of running a draw. Patrik thought for about a year and a half (!) Before finally fold his hand.

Eli called ... and still got it 2 cards! LOL! Still gambling at its best! Eli missed his hand and I picked up the pot with a 9-7.

Eli had me later in a triple draw hand when he hit a big hand against me. The button, I had 2-3-4-5. Eli took no card on the big blind. In the second round, I got a 6am. Naturally, I was hoping to catch a "three across" Heart. For those who do not know what is a "three across" means that when you look at the card the wrong way, you only see on the next three signs: your card is certainly either a 6, a 7, or 8.

If I received a "three across" by heart, it was necessarily the 7 or 8, since I had to have 6 c_heart . To my surprise ... it was a "three across" in heart! Eli has bet, I raise. When he revived again, I had hoped that this map was July 1 c_heart and non August 1 c_heart . I looked, and it was an 8. Therefore Eli beat me staying with a simple 7-low. Wow.

I also had an interesting decision Omaha High / Low. I limped in first position with A c_spade -2 c_spade -3-4. Jennifer has revived me with AAQ6 button and Ted called the blind. I decided revived again and both players called my raise.

The flop came A-7-7 with two cards in heart. Ted has passed, and I had also Jenn bet. I had the intuition that it had hit a full house. Ted called and I called as the best low draw.

The turning point was September 1 c_heart . Again, Jenn bet and Ted and I have just called. The river was June 1. Ted has passed, I also spent the better low and Jenn bet again. Ted called and it was time for me to think a little about my decision.

If Ted or Jenn also had the best low, raise cost me money. Also, if I raise and Jenn raise with the full house, is that Ted might call the bet with something other than the best low?

I decided to just call and Jennifer and I are separated pot. I still think it was the best game since Ted would surely lay his hand.

In the last two hours, I have absolutely nothing hit and after a rather disastrous time I finished the evening with $ 69,500 less. This is a rather small loss to a limit as high, but say it is an annoying loss considering I was in the profits practically throughout the evening.

Well, this blog is long enough for now ... it's time to let you!

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