Online casinos have been around for 25 years!

In 1994 the first online casino was created in Canada, thanks to the initiative of English developers who wanted to set up such an enterprise. Canada's choice, at that time, made sense, the independent Quebec region, the Kahnawake, offering the possibilities of such an opportunity that would mark forever the beginning of a meteoric rise of the virtual casino industry.

Under the name of Gaming Club, this first virtual casino in history offered the opportunity to play cash games via payments made by credit cards, bank transfers or bank checks. The number of games available was quite limited, an American roulette version, a blackjack table and three slot machines, nothing more. Casino gamblers, at that time, were limited in number, which did not prevent this first virtual casino in history to come a model to follow.

The 2000s

In the early 2000s, more than a hundred online casinos were in operation, all under licence from Kahnawake. Today there are almost two mils, except that the panorama has metamorphosed, other regions and countries offering the same legal possibilities of the pioneer of casinos, the Kahnawake. Today, the most serious regions in terms of issuing operating licences for virtual online casinos are: Malta, Gibraltar, Brussels, Madrid, Rome and London.

Present Day

In Europe, several countries have set up their own online gambling licensing systems. France is under the tutelage of Arjel, Italy of AAMS, England of UKGC, etc. It will be understood, each country, following the habits and preferences of the players, has set up its own policy vis-à-vis remote gambling.

Big names in online gambling have become real institutions (888, Bwin, PoketStars), thanks in particular to unparallelled know-how and a gambling offer that rivals the most prestigious European casinos.

The acceptance of certain countries that do not wish to regularize gambling remotely has quickly turned into sources of tax revenue and various taxes, while offering the possibility of combating addiction to gambling.

The examples of Spain and Italy are the most eloquent, each of these two countries having legalized the activities related to online betting and the exploitation of casino gaming platforms, and the current should follow its course on German-speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland and Austria).

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