Happy as a fish in water

articlepcs.jpgIn English, we speak often bad players how being with donkeys (donkeys) and fish (fish), hence the term "Don't tap the aquarium". Here, I explain to you how to make so that your opponent is happy... like a fish in the water!
Article by Pierre-Luc root / Al - X CréManT

Poker, in the long term, there are two ways of looking at things. Either you win because you are better than the others or because they are more evil than you. You be the 10th best player in the world, sitting at the table with the other 9 best, you lose. In other words, you really have interest in what your bad opponents remain bad. In English, we speak often bad players how being with donkeys (donkeys) and fish (fish), hence the term "Don't tap the aquarium". Here, I'll show you how to make so that your opponent is happy... like a fish in the water!

The main idea is to congratulate him for a bad game. Scold it for a good game is useless and vain. Your opponent will already feel proud (especially live) when he bunch his freshly earned chips. It is important to remember that this is the CHANCE that makes that bad players remain in the game. A bad player of failure will never play against a good player because he is sure to lose. Poker, low caliber player will win sometimes through luck, you need to make him believe that his victory is linked to his talent, his personality, his cards... everything but to his luck. The times where your opponent will be the more tuned will be when it comes to win a big pot, particularly against you, generally you bad beatant. From this situation, here's the thing to avoid:

(1) to learn how to play better.

He played in one of the worst possible ways, lady luck was on his side and you bubble inside? How could he follow with a gut shot straight draw while you just bet the pot? This is where your side Professor embeds: "you got just 4 outs for your gutshot! It is whatever you was doing in this hand there? Had you not all pot odds! "." You are trying to teach him that there is a mathematical strategy game and that much he will lose the long-term! Precisely, buckle and wait this long famous term, your money will return you.

(2) the scolding

The frustration is so right in you that you can no longer remember you. Insults come out of your mouth or your hands in the chatbox more at an incredible speed. At the same time, you make the mistake number 1: you teach it. "KIND OF STUPID! IT IS WHAT THE TRIP FROM CALLER ONE RAISER WITH K-4? CRISS YOU'RE CAVE TO PLAY IT SIMILARLY! "." Here, not only you learn to your opponent that K-4 is a bad hand, but force yourself to play better to no longer suffer this humiliation before all others. Or worse: to no longer have to be, it is possible that he simply decided to stop playing and that he will find another hobby.

After a heavy blow, what are the ways to respond? Simple: congratulate the player for his bad game. Yes, praise him. With the approval of another bad play, it will continue. Not only is it happy to have won a big pot, but it is now proud to enter the world of good players. Rejoice when you lose a big pot against a bad player, the majority of the time, you will be winner. Here is therefore phrases all made to congratulate your player:

(1) he played cards badly kicked and made himself a second pair. For example, you A - K on a board A-10-5-9-4. While you were in advance during the suddenly and you have raiser preflop, that your opponent will return an A-4. Tell him the most sincere of the world: "Wow! This is an original way to play! All cards can win! It is enough to have the courage and the audacity to play like you! "." As they say in English "Any two cards can win", even if he knows not the concept correct implied odds, if he continues to caller of raises pre-flop with very marginal hands and if he continues to play until the showdown, you will make a profit quite easily.

(2) he pays dearly for his draws. You have made big bets on the flop and the turn and that is that the river complements his gutshot straight draw. Tell him: "well played Super! It was obviously that if you hit your card, I was going to lose a lot and that you were going to win big and you have been able to enjoy. Definitely, there are people too scared to play poker, but you are part of those who are courageous and who do not hesitate to pay to earn more! "." Note then that this player is a gambler and make it pay in the future.

(3) he plays cards totally at random. It ceases to be in all the pots. He plays all the cards given to him and strikes a two completely absurd pairs. Say: "all cards can win! It comes to have proof, very beautiful hand Mr! "."

In short, you grasp the idea. Positive reinforcement on bad behavior, it is a technique that helps keep your worst opponent possible.

However, theoretically, take him several pots to this famous player. How to react? Talk about first reactions avoid:

(1) laughter from him. Laughter for a bad player who just lost a big pot is absolutely useless. You encourage him to play better or to leave the table... perhaps for ever.

(2) educate. In an attempt to flush missed, don't talk him about these chances of hitting. It is possible that he believes wrongly that these chances of hitting are 50% for example. Even if you wanted to put in his place by saying "Ah! Not lucky, you have not hit your flush this time, but you have have averaged 1 time on 5 and there's gonna be paying! "." Hold you at least: 'Ah! No lucky! Maybe next time! "

Let's talk about the other bad game situations on his part in which luck has not come to save him:

(1) he played cards badly kickees and you paid all along. You have A - K on a board A-10-9-5-2 and followed you along with A-8. Paying! How to continue to make you pay? Say: "Wow! "Good call, you have just not been lucky, y' has a bunch of stuff that you Bana!" then name everything you might have: "I could have been on a pair of King, Queen or even a bluff!". Encourage its side calling station!

(2) he pays dearly for his draws. As said earlier, tell him that it is poorly lucky and lucky him smile again soon.

(3) it is a calling station that does not stop to show lower hands and is unable to sleep a single pair. Remind him a won pot earlier while he was lucky or remind him that it is not impossible that he wins next time. As it is often said the lottery: "Better luck next time!"

In short, the concept is to suggest that he is responsible for the good lucky shots and it is unlucky when he plays poorly. There are people in life who believes that all their good shots are acts of God and that their bad are their faults, here, try to reverse the principle if we want to. Comfort it, praise him, sympathise with him, but above all, do not educate him or do not scrunch. Remind them that it is good and that you're lucky and not the opposite which is the truth, because some time Poker, not need to be in one hand to spend a good bluff.