Free PS+ games for the month of September 2014

PS+ Members rejoice! Or maybe not so much... The six new free games for the month of September are somewhat disappointing.

While Sony has accustomed us to better in the past, the month of September 2014 will be not memorable.

Firstly on PlayStation 4, members can download Velocity 2X and Sportsfriends, two indie games which are inspired by 8-bit era.

As for PlayStation 3 games, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale and Hoard will be free (as well as Sportsfriends which is cross-platform with the PS4)

On PSVita, Joe Danger, TxK and PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, which is cross-platform, will be the free games for the month of September.

Overall, nothing much memorable and in our opinion, one of the worst months of the year so far. But hey, who needs free game while the high season of video games has just begun?!

Source: PlayStation Blog