Jon Jones will face Gustafsson September 27 in Toronto

The news was confirmed a few weeks ago already; Jon Jones, the champion of the UFC 205 pounds, will have to face Alexander Gustafsson in a revenge fight. Remind us that Gustafsson had given Jones his big test career so that the champion had won the battle of very tight manner (or even controversial). Several spectators as a result of the battle had even claimed that Jones should not have to win the fight and that it was rather Alexander who deserved the decision. One thing is certain, on the evening of the fight, MMA fans were treated to one of the best fights of 2013.

If chat history, it is that we have been in abeyance for a few weeks while Jones was slow to sign the contract proposed by the UFC for this revenge fight. Later, in social media, Jones claimed he would best like to fight Daniel Cormier (former heavyweight) which, according to him, more than Gustafsson deserved a championship bout. In a video that it was quickly removed after the online, he said that it was his decision and not ours (that of MMA fans).

But fans of UFC and its president (Dana White) insisted that Jones confronts Gustafsson. It is they who have the last word, even though Jones seemed not happy with the decision.

Although Gustafsson deserves this revenge fight, arguments that Jones met Cormier are still valid.

After all, Jones has already beaten Gustafsson (even if the decision has been very tight) and Cormier has a more than shiny c.v.; the tournament champion of the heavyweights of the Strikeforce organization in his career undefeated and champion fight.

Although the fight between Jones and Gustafsson was scheduled to Vegas August 30, it will take place at UFC 178 Toronto (Air Canada Centre) September 27.

In response to this announcement, the champion of the 205 and the best fighting all categories according to several said: "I didn't want to beat me as early, I would have preferred either in October or November, but c'est la vie".