Cody Gibson filmé en train de se battre dans un bar de Vegas

Après que TMZ ait publié une vidéo de Cody Gibson se battant dans un bar de Las Vegas, Gibson a dû s'expliquer à la radio.

Il précise: "This guy was being a typical kind of bro and started saying some stuff to me. At first, I told him I did not want to fight, two or three times. He was definitely egging on the situation, and then he started to irritate me," dit-il.

 "Then I told him who I was, which was probably the worst idea, because then, after that, I feel like he really wanted to fight. And then, yeah, man, one thing led to another. I don't know, man. [It's] definitely not something I'm proud of.

When he punched me, luckily I didn't start throwing punches. Luckily, I just shot the takedown and his buddies kind of grabbed on to me, and it was done by that point. I'm actually fortunate that it kind of ended the way it did. Had I beat the hell out of him or something, I think it could be a whole lot worse situation."

Selon Gibson, cette bagarre ne lui fera pas perdre son emploi dans la UFC puisqu'il n'a lancé aucun coup et qu'aucune accusation n'a été portée contre lui. Évidemment, la vidéo est sur TMZ, mais selon lui, cela ne pourra qu'être en son avantage.

Voici la vidéo en question: