Liste des améliorations de la mise à jour d'octobre pour NHL 15

Sorti la semaine dernière dans un relatif silence par l'équipe d'EA Sports, la nouvelle mise à jour pour NHL 15 sur PlayStation 4 et Xbox One n'apporte que des améliorations mineures. Il faudra donc attendre la prochaine mise à jour pour espérer voir de nouveau mode de jeu.

Voici la liste officielle des changements apportés par la mise à jour pour le mois d'octobre:


  • New groups have been added to HUT Collections so it’s easier to browse by categories.
  • Added the ability to quick sell items from browse Collection.


  • Players are now faster transitioning into an offensive breakout.
  • Improved offensive AI positioning for all even strength and powerplay strategies.
  • Teammate and opponent AI will be more aggressive stepping up into the play on higher difficulty levels.
  • Improved defensive AI positioning for non-user controlled players.
  • Increased controller rumble.
  • Corrected issues where goals have counted when the puck did not cross the goal line.


  • CCM Extreme Flex 2 equipment set added.
  • Updated Jumbotron messages for Winnipeg.
  • New crowd model outfits for Philadelphia, Edmonton, Nashville, Ottawa, Phoenix, Colorado, San Jose, and Vancouver.
  • Updates to goalie masks including new designs for Edmonton and LA.
  • Colorado Trainer polo shirt color updated for improved authenticity.
  • Improved crowd distribution in the lower bowl for Florida, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Winnipeg.
  • Team logo spotlight in Dallas updated with current logo.
  • Improved authenticity for St. Louis’ Jumbotron.
  • Updates to Xcel Energy Center’s upper bowl. Including the addition of the Zamborgan and lighthouse.